Monday, 29 December 2014

Celebrant In The Sunflowers | Wedding In France 2015 | Special Offer

With Christmas over and 2015 just about here, anyone whose thoughts are turning to getting married in France should take a look at an amazing offer I've just seen: a wedding planning company - and then we got married - here in South West France, are offering a 50% discount on weddings booked before December 31st ...not much time, I know, but having experienced a couple of their beautiful weddings last year, I would be booking them if I was getting married! Look at their website here and go to their blog page to see the offer.
One of the beautiful weddings last September - photographer was Yves-

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Celebrant In Sunflowers | Handfasting | Unity Candle | Independent Celebrant

Weddings are an intriguing mix : in part very public - a performance - the only time some of us do perform in public, and with all the stress that brings. 

And then it's a party with the many months of planning that involves and a feeling that there is so much riding on its success.

 It's also a rite of passage, which indicates that now we are truly adult... 

But then, in part, a wedding is very private - the joining of two individual's hopes and dreams for their future. There is nothing else quite like it and for that reason it must be special and should be unique to you.

With an independent celebrant you can choose not only any venue - a hut or a chateau, beach or wood, field or mountain - but you can also choose the promises you make to each other and the design of the ceremony itself. You may choose to add one of the evocative rituals used in the past or in other cultures, such as hand fasting - the original 'tying the knot', or lighting a Unity Candle to symbolise the joining of two lives, and that of their families. You may also, of course, choose an absolutely traditional ceremony, with its familiar words and resonances.

Whatever you choose, I will work closely with you, from start to finish, to design the perfect way for you to express your commitment to each other, in a ceremony you, friends and family will enjoy - and feel is meaningful and special.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Celebrant In The Sunflowers | Celebrant In The Sunflowers Story

I live in a little farmhouse, about an hour from Bordeaux in SW France. We are surrounded by sunflowers and vines - hence my obsession, perhaps, with sunflowers...( and wine?...) They seem, to me, to be such uplifting flowers, and peaceful in a strange way, as they hold their faces up to the sun and gently follow it throughout the day, until the sun goes down. 

So, last year, I was picking some sunflowers at the edge of a neighbouring farmer's field ...( only little ones - he doesn't mind...) and a friend drove by, with her sister. They stopped. We chatted.

Then last week, apparently, the sister was trying to remember my name and described me thus: " You know - that lady..." Her sister did not know...not much of a clue there.She followed it with: " You know - the celebrant lady in
the sunflowers that day..."

Well that name was irresistible - and so I have ceased to be just a celebrant in France - and have become Celebrant in the Sunflowers...

You can view my full profile on the UKSoC website - find me under International in the directory.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Celebrant In Sunflowers | The Arrival

Celebrant in Sunflowers - for all your ceremony needs - wedding celebrations, vow renewals, naming ceremonies and more.Based in the sunflower fields of South West France, I'm happy to travel into the mountains and down to the sea and beyond - to wherever you have found your perfect venue...much more to follow - watch this space!

Be well!