Monday, 16 March 2015

How to make your wedding in France special and unique.

A special wedding - unique to you

A long lazy Sunday lunch with friends is a glorious thing...and yesterday's was just that...( thanks Caro and Charles!)...but with an epic length of some seven hours and a few glasses of wine, my head today is blogless - blogged out - a blog-free zone...

However, I found this and think it is worth sharing ...The Wedding Trend Report 2015

I have always been intrigued by the idea that fashion affects everything we do, from what we wear to the way we decorate our houses, from what we eat to the way we plan our gardens. Who'd have thought twenty years ago that we would 'distress' furniture - paint it and then scuff it to make it look old? Who'd have thought we would plant wild gardens and make meadows instead of making neat borders of bright annuals?

Well, so it is with weddings. A traditional church wedding just doesn't do anything for me - I love the move towards more individual weddings - weddings on beaches, in woods, in our gardens - and that informality reflected in what we wear and what we eat  and, of course, in the celebrant we choose to celebrate the wedding to make it special and unique - but more of that in another blog...

In the report's Venues and Locations section, I love this woodland setting -

-  and also the tee pees lit for an evening ceremony.

The conclusion to this part of the report is that couples are looking for somewhere unique, which will reflect their personalities - I think, from experience, I would add to that, somewhere they know friends and family will love too.

Find The Wedding Report here

Monday, 2 March 2015

Best time to get married in France | A Celebrant in France wanders in Monsegur

Best time to get married in France?

'What's the best time to get married in France?' - a potential client asked - well, I'm not putting my neck out on that one!

That morning, market day in the little town of Monsegur, I was having my usual coffee and croissant at the local bar, Le Monseg' - sitting outside in bright, warm sunshine. People out on the terrace with me were rather like sunflowers, I thought, turning their faces, their selves and sometimes repositioning the entire table and chairs, to get those magical February rays.

Painting by local artist

I bought this - the card, not the lovely old 2CV - next door at the tabac to send to my daughter who got married here in Monsegur - guests will remember the romantic old car, often parked outside.

But then, the next day it rained and it hasn't stopped...So, not February then...

March? Well, the cranes have flown over - a definite harbinger of Spring. We are just under their flight path as they fly back to Germany for the summer, from their winter in warmer lands - and they are a stunning sight. 

You hear them first as they call to each other - and us, I fancifully think - sometimes so high that you can't see them at first and then your eye catches the V pattern they make - or you see a confused swirl as they eddy on thermals and seem to have to decide who the next leader is going to be. 

I never get tired of watching that annual return and my spirits do lift at the thought that they know spring is almost upon us.

My husband, who is planting a wood tells me that some of the small trees are at 'bud burst' an expression I find, absurdly, cheery! And seeking out other signs of spring, I found my daffodils, bravely emerging and hyacinths blooming on an outside table.

Proof! Spring is on its way...

But I haven't answered the question - when is the best time to marry in France? And of course, I can only answer for this part of France, the South-West. We do have notoriously good weather here - I'd say May to October is very reliable - we've had superb Aprils and Novembers - we've had drinks outside on Christmas Day... we've had fantastic Septembers, and one memorable terrible one...

'Not helpful...' was the verdict of my client, who, nevertheless decided on May...