Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Celebrant in France reflects | Weddings| Namings | Vow renewals

A Celebrant in France wanders and reflects...

So, here we are - with the swallows practising their lining-up-on-the-telephone-wire skills, summer is at a wistful end and the 'season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' is here. 

The last flowers are budding and flowering but I agree with the poet, Keats - that's fine - I love the early morning mists and the way the world rises out of it:   glimpses of church towers, the tops of hills, the tallest trees - as if the sky is in your garden. 

I am very happy, too, with 'mellow fruitfulness' - here our figs are falling from the trees they are so ripe and sweet - jam as they hit the ground. 

Brambles, heavy with berries, are rambling where they shouldn't be rambling and tripping me up as I hang out washing. Sloes are slowly ripening to their own peculiar bitter end, ready to be picked, pricked and added to gin for delicious Christmas tipples.

Butternuts, ready to be buttered and roasted, are harvested and drying, and quinces queue on the branches - but, I query, ready to be - what?
 I never know what to do with them - they look so lovely but need so much work to make them palatable  (- and I apologise for the 'quinces queueing' an irresistible - and failed- attempt at alliteration...!)

Enough ramblings and ripenings! The beginning of autumn does seem a good idea to look back and reflect on a busy and lovely summer, both here in France and in Cambridge.

Ceremonies this year have taken me to amazing places - beautiful chateaux, romantic hideaways and always through stunning countryside. 

Weddings with lovely couples and their guests, naming ceremonies with the cutest babes - and I can't help reflecting on the one that got away - a Vow Renewal in the hills above Perpignan- in a small town I love...

...but that one, I had to let go, due to the best possible fruitfulness of the year - the birth of my beloved grandson!

The world is a better place with him in it...