Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Memorable proposals - the sharks were not planned...

We expect a relationship to hit a rough patch occasionally - but a shark infested sea as part of the proposal...?

I promised some inspirational tips from my favourite proposals before Valentine's Day - or February 29th if you have thoughts of a Leap Year proposal. Already the 9th - so here is the second...

Sunset over the sea at Cap Feret

So, this lovely couple, he a marine biologist and she a keen surfer were on their way to Australia, where he had been offered a job and they had planned to spend six weeks in Indonesia en route – and he had decided that would be when he would propose… but the time had never been quite right…

After they had been in Australia for a year, he made a plan! He would take her to an amazing place for Christmas and that would be where he would propose and so it was that a trip to Fiji was organised. 

That Christmas Day dawned and they had an awesome morning surfing and then diving.

It was certainly memorable they told me – the boat, which had taken them out, broke down and they ended up having to paddle a long, and with sharks known to be in the area, scary two kilometres back to shore.

Romantic? Not really...

However, later that evening, groom-to-be, not to be put off this time, made an excuse to leave the table while they were having dinner and quickly laid out flowers and candles in a semi-circle near their little hut.   

After dinner, he told her he wanted to show her something – she remembered that after that day she was not really up to ‘seeing a marine species of something or other’ but went somewhat dutifully along – and, to her shock and delight saw the candles, the flowers – and then him down on one knee! 

She says her reaction to the shock was, to his horror, laughter – followed by a ‘yes’…

The experience did not put them off the ocean - and they got married in France, at the beautiful Villa la Tosca, down on the beach, near Cap Feret.


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